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    SETH 80,00 $

    ٍSETH fragrance gives you an aura of strength and prestige

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    KING TUT 80,00 $

    inspired by the King Tut ankh amoun feel the luxury with extraordinary potent gourmand fragrance with great silage  gives you the feeling of royalty.

  • Nut 65,00 $

    A unique charming , relaxing , calming and attractive fragrance

    Nut goddess of the sky and moon hosts us in summer night with her smell in the air fascinating us.

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    HORUS 65,00 $

    Inspired by the HORUS god of justice in ancient Egypt , Horus is Unique and complex can be worn in any type of weather, preferably in date or intimate situations and a real compliment getter.

  • HOTFeatured
    Nubia Vanilla 70,00 $

    Nubia in upper Egypt named the land of gold , beautiful nature where the golden sands meets the blue Nile
    A sweet vanilla fragrance 

  • HOTFeatured
    King Scorpion 75,00 $

    inspired by the King Scorpion II ( pharaoh ruler of upper Egypt )
    A oriental Spicy woody fragrance gives you a unique luxurious royal feelings .

  • HOTFeatured
    Anubis 70,00 $

    the ancient Egyptian deity Anubis the lord of sacred lands , the holder of the secrets
    A mysterious woody floral fragrance full of secrets

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    THOTH 75,00 $

    Stunning luxurious fragrance speaks softly but confident with wisdom and

    magically  expresses you by the elegant amber mixed with vanilla and honey.

  • HOTFeatured
    SOBEK 70,00 $

    Sobek the protector of gods and pharaohs with his great mighty power .
    his powerful armor of pure amber mixed with tobacco , cinnamon , sandalwood and patchouli gives him great presence.

  • Featured
    RA 70,00 $
    This fragrance exudes an aura of warm luxury

    feel the warmness of RA  with the luxurious leather combined with tobacco and oud.

  • King Zoser 80,00 $

    inspired by King Zoser ( pharaoh Djoser ) a great pharaoh known for his stepped pyramid ( his Tomb ) in Sakara Egypt

    A Spicy woody floral  fragrance gives you a unique luxurious royal feelings

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